Are you feeling overwhelmed with your new puppy?

Find the step by step solutions in our guide to raise a dream puppy

House training, barking, socialisation, knowing what’s right, what’s wrong, wanting to have the best relationship possible…

It isn’t easy when you aren’t sure how to handle the things that pop up…  

What if we told you that it doesn’t have to be that way? That we put together an incredible course of just puppies for you?  

There’s no need to feel alone in your puppy struggles. There is no need to feel unsure or uncertain about how to make sure your puppy becomes a well-rounded adult companion.

You can have a support system that will help you navigate every situation, and we’ve put together a week of FREE downloadable content to help you get ahead of the game.



Did you know that what your puppy learns in the first 4 months has a permanent effect on how they turn out as an adult dog? Let's get it right with The Perfect Puppy programme. Sleep easy at night knowing that your puppy isn't destroying your carpet or belongings. Solve common issues like jumping and biting. And importantly, socialise your puppy the correct way so that you can shape them into a well mannered and confident dog.


Is your dog barking, lunging, pulling or even screaming towards other dogs on walks? Walks together should be a dream, not a nightmare. With this programme we will turn things around so that you can look forward to walking together with your best friend on a loose lead, rather than feeling you`re heading out to battle every time you want to exercise your dog or yourself!


The adolescent developmental period begins around 6 months of age and lasts till around 18-24 months. This varies by breed and these ages are approximate (just as children reach puberty at different ages). Because of the brain changes, hormonal changes and growth of dog`s body, a dog`s behaviour will also change.

Adolescence is when puppies become more independent, and more interested in the outside world. They can lose their uunderstanding of the training they`ve had. Teenage have a harder time paying attention yo you because everything else is so stimulating.

Instead of becoming frustrated, it`s important that you focus on what you want to achieve. Our THRIVING TEEN programme will equip you for this!


Imagine taking your dog to the off leash beach or park and allowing them the freedom to run and play without the restriction of the lead. When you call, your dog immediately turns on a dime and runs back to you enthusiastically. First time. Every time. That is what this programme will achieve for you and your dog. A reliable recall gives you and your dog freedom. 

About Anita

My philosophy is to build a loving, trusting relationship with your dog. If your dog wants to hang around with you and work with you then everything else is much easier.I would like to know what motivated you when you first got your dog and work together with you on getting that magic back.

As a graduate from AbsoluteDogs I am a positive reinforcement and game based concept canine coach based on science and completely force and pain free.

My mission is to create a world where choices are respected whether human or canine. I believe that by opening up our heart will make us communicate and listen to each other better.

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