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I`m so happy you`ve found me at Fun Staffy Dog Training
I`m Anita and I like working with all dogs from high-energy to anxious, reactive pups, teaching your family how to create the perfect harmony at home.

Here are some of our happy clients' testimonials

"This is the second time Dobby and I had a 1-2-1 with Anita. 

We have learnt so much both times and I couldn`t recommend her enough.

She is very knowledgeable and is able to sort out all our issues."

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Dobby and Victoria from Westmoors

 "Spectacular progress!!!"

Today is the first time Dobby hasn`t tried to be aggressive with Rocky.

They`ve spent a couple of hours together playing or just chilling."

Dobby and Cleopatra from Pembrokshire

 "I`ve been working with Anita for a while now and I`m seeing positive training results  with my rescue dog, Skylar!

Thank you Anita, you are very passionate and very easy to work with."

Skylar and Suzie from Poole

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Meet Anita

Certified Pro Dog Trainer and Reactivity Specialist

Hi my name`s  Anita and I am passionate about helping reactive dogs and their guardians to re-establish the trust and confidence in their relationship.

Owning a reactive dog is taxing for our own mental health and damaging to our relationship with our dog as well as it can cause clashes in the family.

It all started when I was desperately trying to find
training solutions for my nervous and dog aggressive staffy 
girl, Spraggan, that were both kind and effective.

From my 25+ years experience in teaching where I  worked with challenging behaviour, I knew that a positive supportive methods paired with fun interactive games  worked best for children and it was just as effective with dogs, too!

From this Fun Staffy Dog Training was born and now I help families just like yours, understand your dog, find their motivation through interactive play and scent work to. give a meaningful outlet to their needs and desires. 

Through my innovative behaviour modification methods your dog  will achieve a calm and beautiful behaviour that fits with your family and lifestyle

Reactivity isn't permanent behaviour.

There are triggers that occur within your dog's environment that are present and your dog is conditioned to act negatively.

You as the dog owner, has the chance to observe and spot the triggers, and also train your dog to react differently and calmly through practical drills that build a bond like you could never imagined possible.

Knowing how to address this situations with confidence is key to long term success and happiness.

You will be equipped with skills on how to calmly handle any situation using proven and reliable handling techniques so you can support your dog and set them up for success.

You will build your own confidence as a handler, and work as a team with your dog.

Are you ready to make that happen?

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Reactivity Training

If your dog is lunging, barking, snarling at other dogs or people, afraid of noises, startles at sudden movements, has issues with staying at home alone or travelling in the car then this personalised training is for you. 

Teen Classes

Does your dog have selective hearing? What about your recall and loose leash walking? Would you like to have your dog to come back instantly when called?

Teen classes are full of fun games that grow all the skills your dog will need when fully mature. Get in touch today and let`s have a chat how we can help you get the best mannered dog!

Scent Classes

Dogs see the world through their nose. Once you understand how they communicate their world, your relationship will grow to the next level immediately.

The benefits of scent work is endless. It helps with calmness, reactive dogs can cope better on their walks, better focus, resilience, grit.

We run classes and workshops, please get in touch what you`re interested in.  

Puppy Training

Want a well-mannered obedient puppy? Any issues with toilet training, teaching them not to jump up, politely greeting visitors and listen to you everywhere?

We teach skills beyond the basics to your pups, not only sit, stay, wait,  leave - but how to grow into the best dog that you have always wanted.

Also you can follow the training with my 15 weeks old xl bully puppy.