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"Enrichment is to learn what our dogs needs are ... and then fulfilling those needs"

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Anita Takacs

Hi, I`m Anita, the founder of Fun Staffy Dog Training, a certified dog trainer with AbsoluteDogs and member of empowered Dogs and Dog Training College. I specialise in building a bombproof relationship with your dog from the start to prevent behavioural problems like separation anxiety, reactivity, the further effects of over or under socialisation at later stages in life.

By enrichment we are giving our dogs outlets that improve their welfare, and provides mental stimulation. It is an activity that with easy set up from our side, our dogs can immerse themselves and have fun while focusing on the task in front of them with no intervention from us.

This activity is brilliant for any dog. If you have a newly adopted dog or a rescue, starting with these games you can ensure that your dog will feel safer quicker in the new home environment and becomes more confident as we are not entering into their personal space.

Enjoy watching your dog exploring the world around them, processing the information and recharging their brain. 

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